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Picnic without all the planning.

Picnicgram is a new way to plan a picnic &#45 in just a few clicks. Well, maybe 8 or 9 clicks, but hey, we give you a lot of options! We deliver custom-ordered picnic baskets that are filled with everything you need to have a great get-together.
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Your Picnicgram comes fully packed.

Just like a NYC apartment, you’d be surprised how much stuff we can fit into a small space. Every Picnicgram is filled with your choice of:

· Sandwiches from Sal, Kris, and Charlie
· McClure’s Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips
· Refreshing beverages

· Freshly baked desserts from Ovenly
· A classic blanket
· A beautiful picnic basket
· Delivery is included
· A few surprises


We currently deliver to the Big Apple only, but stay tuned…
Picnicgram just may blanket your city in the near future.